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Whatz The Meanin Of Romance??

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 28, 2007


If u asked people that question they would say candles everywhere … nice dinner … flowers … slow music & a lil gift in the end to remember that day of course …

Hmmm thats what people see in the movies & startin to copy it thats stupid u know it …

Well if u asked me i would say thats the feelin inside when u look into ur lover eyes thats romance … when u hold ur lover hand & u never wanna let it go thats romance … when u run to ur lover & hug him/her a big warm hug thats romance … Now u get it Hellooooooooooooo hahaha xD

4 all the loverz in the world be romantic & u’ll b happy no matter what ;]

“shfeeha Serat El7ub hehehe xD !!!”

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I Hate Men

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 27, 2007

Last thursday was my drivin test & i didnt pass it b coz the silly policeman didnt like my drivin “Who Carez” any way when i finished i started to cry “i hate that am senstive” & my drivin teacher was laughin at me “i hate her too” so that day i hated all the men on earth & still hatin them hehe xD & the day after 2morrow i’ll hav another drivin test & if i didnt pass again i will kill all the men espically policemen hahaha xD i think they’ll kill me first unless if i put a bomb in thier place “jokin haha” but really if i didnt pass its gonna b a bad bad day 4 everyone i know =\

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Bad Day 4 Me

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 27, 2007

Hmmm do u get this feelin that no one likes u any more & people lookin at u like ur a freak & u dont know whats goin on & why is this happenin so ur always in a sad mood & settin alone u dont wanna hear anything or talk to anybody …

well i get this feelin alot & i hate it so much so i start cryin hopin it will go away but it wont =[ …

mayb ur sayin now “Oh shes sad Get Over It” but if u felt like me come & i’ll tell u that =P

am just sayin what am feelin sumtimes if ur sad u gotta talk to sumbody u gotta let it out but am lonely so i write here =[

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Did You?

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 25, 2007

Sometimes when ur settin in ur room thinkin a question come to u about someone “Did he/she ever love me?” & u think about the answer & tryin so hard to believe that is a YES but deep down somthin is tellin u NO & now ur thoughts r fightin & i dont know what the hell am talkin about so did u want the chocolate that i just ate?? too bad its gone =P

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Sub7an Allah

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 25, 2007

Today at 6:30 am i was hungry so i went down to eat but i looked outside & i saw the sky it was amazing so i took a picture i love takin pix & this is it =]

Sub7an Allah

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New Girl In Da House

Posted by pιηk тυятℓє on November 24, 2007

Hey everyone …

am new in this so b easy with me =]

& i know i dont belong here =P

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